Thursday, 5 April 2012

Halfway to seventy..

You join me two days before I turn 35. Halfway to seventy. 30 came and went without so much as an eyelid being batted; quite frankly I was too snowed under with a bleating two-week-old to care about such trivialities as turning 30. My 'celebratory' chinese went cold whilst we endeavoured to stop the little pink thing screaming and send it off to sleep. But this? This is a milestone and a half. In just 2 short days I will actually be halfway to seventy, and when you say it like that, well..I might as well just head out into the back garden and start knocking myself together a chipboard coffin. But I'll damned if I'm giving into this ageing lark without a fight! Hell no, this lady is in no way quietly resigning herself to growing old. I will fight it tooth and nail, with every lotion/potion/wondercream going. So join me, if you wish, on my journey into *sob* middle age, and I hope you are entertained by my misery along the way :)

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