Monday, 9 April 2012

Jama dweller.

Today I have mostly been a jama dweller. It has rained all day, so I didn't see the point in getting dressed only to mooch around the house. Mooching, in my humble opinion, is best done in jamas. With unwashed hair. Continuing with the Hama bead creative streak, today we sat doing stuff with Bendaroos. We all struggled and huffed and swore (well, me and The Husband did) because the bloody stuff bent but wouldn't stick. And after about an hour of struggling and huffing and swearing we found the instructions. So it all got put away for another day, once the stress levels have returned to normal.
Tomorrow The Husband goes back to work after  about 14 years annual leave. And next week the biggest small one returns to school and normality will resume. Hurrah! is all I have to say to that. What is it with the education system these days? They have a week at school and then it's half term again! I'm sure when I was at school we were there for about 6 solid months before we got so much as an inset day. No? Must be my ageing memory deceiving me. Just like it does when I see a Toffee Crisp and I firmly believe it's half the size it was was when I was young. And that Walkers crisp packets used to have crisps in them, rather than a few crumbs at the bottom underneath the vast expanse of air. Anyway. I'm most looking forward to going back to the gym once I have some time back on my hands; if my backside could weep from inactivity it would. And not that kind of activity, you dirty minded preverts. Actually, I could probably have worded that sentence a little more wisely!

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