Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Way back when..

The Husband sometimes asks "Can you remember what it was like before we had kids?" and to be truthful, I can't. Oh yes, I have a vague recollection of having more of things - money, time, sleep, patience, sanity, freedom - shall I go on?? But the little Beasts seem to have been here forever. or maybe it's that I still have Baby Brain, after all, I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch these days. I think the last time I had a wee or bath without someone wandering in needing a poop or wanting to tell me something (yes Husband, that includes you) was before Jenny's legs worked. For the last 5 years my stomach has had to wait, either because I've dished everyone elses meals up first or because I've had baby meals to puree/cut up and spoonfeed while my dinner has gone cold before my eyes. Money has been spent on nappies and kids clothes instead of frittered away on make up and .. actually, I do fritter, scrap that one! Before I had kids I wasn't a proper grown up. I may have behaved like one on the odd occasion, but now it's official and no going back. I have to behave like a grown up at all times, in front of the kids anyway, and the odd lapse results in a 2 year old that calls people "Silly sod" and a 5 year old that tells her daddy he's a pig. All in jest I hasten to add, before anyone feels the need to place an anonymous call to Social Services. I can't lie, it still freaks me out to know that I've got kids; dependants that need a bit more care than feeding twice a day and a clean litter tray. But I reckon I'm doing a good job so far, despite my lack of preparation and reluctance to grow up. I have a daughter who has a smart mouth at aged 5 and has us in stitches everyday, and a boy who has us wrapped around his finger he's so goddamn sweet. But give it another few years and when The Husband asks me again if I can remember what it was like before we had kids, I will be too busy shouting at The Daughter for painting her bedroom black and grounding The Boychild for shoplifting to answer.

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