Thursday, 12 April 2012

Special Agent Lundy

Today we had to take the most beautiful cat in the world - it has been universally decreed, we've done a poll and everything - to the vets. Lundy had flu when he was a few weeks old and since then has suffered with runny eyes and a snotty nose. When I say snotty nose I actually mean that he sneezes out green and red lumps that, if they were the equivalent size for humans, would be like me sneezing out a lime. Usually it all clears up on it's own but this particular bout has dragged on and so off to the vets we went. And of course, my gorgeous ball of fluffiness (we are still talking about the cat by the way) attracted a waiting room-ful of coos, *wudgewudge* noises and general sighs of admiration. Even the vet, who must see hundreds of cats a week, was enamoured with the boy, I could see it. Of course, being such a beautiful feline has its pitfalls. Lundy is known across the neighbourhood for finding his way into kitchens, walking across rooftops and playing on the park with the local kids. We had a bit of a do when, having followed my daughter and her Pops to the swings, the Rangers had to have a radio conflab about whether cats were allowed on the park! He even went through a period of coming home smelling of old-lady perfume, where no doubt some old crone had tried to lure my baby away for her own. Another con to being so stunning is that the poor lad gets referred to as a She constantly. But as Samantha Brick so controversially said, you pay a price for being so beautiful. Fortunately for Lundy though, he is loved for and despite of his looks. Which is more than can be said for Mrs Brick!

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