Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gym bunny

I love the gym, me. Not just because it helps alleviate the symptoms of my bi-polar and helps relieve stress and aggression (oh, and gives me a bum like two peanuts in clingfilm), but because of the people watching I can do. And I love to people watch. I've been going to the same gym for ages now and regularly see the same faces..and bums. Mondays and Thursdays are Ladies mornings, which means the gym is not only full of women (give the girl a medal!) but is also full of the husbands of those women, who stand around talking by the machines while their WAGs are off in an aerobics class. Most of the men are middle aged or older, wearing deck shoes and do a lot more talking than moving. There's the girl with the shiny black hair and expensive gym attire that she's obviously too afraid to wash. I assume that's the case as she never breaks a sweat, preferring to burn calories by swishing her hair lots and tapping away on her phone, exercising with weights that I could lift with my eyelids during a good blink. There's the bloke who, without a word of a lie, was the fattest man I have ever seen 8 months ago and who turned red and sweaty the second he walked in the door. He is there as often and probably more than I am, and has halved in size. I've got more respect and amiration for him than I have for the Muscle Marys who exercise in packs in front of the mirrors, grunting loudly with each lift to alert us all to their masculinity. There's the small Chinese lady who must be in her 70's and who smells of cabbage every single time I see her. There's the couple who go together, with the girlfriend watching the boyfriend like a hawk to make sure he isn't looking at any other girls (he does, I've seen him!) And then there's me. I wonder what other people make of me? I don't wear the latest gear but neither do I turn up with cheesy trainers or smelling of cabbage. I don't tap away on my phone, but I have been known to forget my headphones were on and sing out quite loudly. Maybe they see me as the girl who should stop gawping at other people and get on with my own business..!

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