Wednesday, 11 April 2012

If it wasn't for those pesky kids!

They tell you about the rush of love you feel for your newborn as they're placed in your arms. They tell you about the moments of pure joy you experience when they speak their first words, take their first steps and leave for their first day at school. They tell you about the unbreakable bond of unconditional love between parent and child. But what they fail to divulge is how, at times, you would like nothing more than to gaffer tape their mouths up and shut them in the shed. My latest bout of exasperation comes to you courtesy of the Easter holidays, or 'fortnight of hell'. Rainy weather + 2 small children with cabin fever = Mummy hugging her knees and rocking in the corner of a darkened room. My daughter, known for being hardwork at the best of times, has truly excelled herself over the Easter break, her behaviour reaching an all time low today. Whilst sitting on the 'naughty step', she took the opportunity to rifle through Daddy's workbag, removing his security pass and giving the five finger discount to a packet of chewing gum. So, as a second punishment, Mummy-The-Meanie took away all her recently acquired birthday presents in an attempt to show her that taking things that don't belong to you is wrong. Which of course resulted in her screeching threats at me that she would take them all back. So as a third punishment she got sent to bed. At 4.30pm. And bleated on til Mummy and Daddy left for the cinema, leaving a hard-of-hearing Nanna and Grandad in charge. Roll on the six week holidays! I'd better go stock up on ear-plugs and Valium now..

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