Friday, 13 April 2012

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman..

Without wishing to put you all off your tea, it's that time of the month. The time when I get a zit the size of a dinner pate on my chin, when I could kill a man with my bare hands just for flying into my airspace, when I crave crisps and maltesers, (Ok that's a fib, I crave crisps and maltesers for most of the month) and when I get a migraine that lasts for two solid days. Every woman has times when they look in the mirror and think "Yeah girl, you look good!". Conversely we have times like today when, instead of a groomed young beauty staring back at you, there's a knackered and furious looking harridan with a dinner-plate-sized zit, greasy hair, and who's retaining water like a camel about to cross the Sahara. Couple this with the mother, father and grandparent of all migraines, and I would pretty much hand over every penny I have to be a man for a week. Well, maybe just a day or two. Ah well, the silver lining to this cloud being that I can throw crisps and maltesers down my neck with the husband not daring to say a word for fear of scissors in his eyes. And only 3 more weeks til I have to do it all again!

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