Thursday, 19 April 2012

Whether the weather

Confession time; I'm a little bit obsessive about things. Some things more than others, like doing the vacuuming in the same order everyday, like playing Flowerboard on my ipod every night before I go to sleep (it's been about a year now), like buying the same magazines every Tuesday (since about 1998), and a few million other things. But it's around this time of year that I become obsessed with one thing in particular - the weather. In winter it doesn't bother me; what's the point in Lego-man-haired Sian telling me it's going to be cold when you know it's bloody cold without even leaving the house? But as soon as the weather starts to get warmer (or is supposed to), I'm on that forecast more times a day than an old man gets up to pee. It's at this time of year that we get delightful mini heatwaves in the midst of the misery as a taster for what should be coming, like we did before Easter when one minute I was doing the school run in Snowjoggers and the next sunbathing in the garden while the pervy neighbour at the back trims his bush(es). And yet now it's back to grey skies and 'that fine rain that wets you through'. Well, they do say Ne'er cast a  clout til May is out. What does that even mean? Something about keeping your vest on til June?
It's quite sad that I plan my life around the sun but I do. If the BBC tells me that Tuesday is going to be full sun with only a light breeze, then the world can just wait a bit. I'll save the shopping til Thursday when it's half sun with a 15% chance of precipitation. And I was going to town on Friday but it's full sun again, and turning my skin to leather is much more important quite frankly.
But you'd be suprised how often the forecasters change their minds over the course of a day, so it's vital that - even as I'm frantically rubbing the spf on before the sun goes behind a mahoosive cloud - I keep checking in case they decide light rain is forecast for 3pm. I should know better though really because no doubt our GBS (That's Great British Summer) will be much like last year when I spent most of my time checking the weather online to see when the sun was coming out, and before I knew it it was September again and time to turn the heating on!

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