Saturday, 21 April 2012

I wish I looked like a Ladyboy

Had my first Girls Night Out in ages last night, seeing the Ladyboys of Bangkok with my friend C and two of her friends. And WOW. Some of them did look like men dressed as women, but some of them were literally jaw-droppingly stunning! How wrong is it to be jealous of a bloke because he looks better in his undies than you?! And I have to admit to something, especially after my chunterings about how I never dance... The heady combination of a bottle of wine and the YMCA was too much for me to handle and I juct couldn't help but *gulp* dance. In fact that was pretty much all I did for the rest of the night. Apart from in one bar we went to which wasn't playing music, because that would have been more than a bit odd. I did have the odd moment of near-sobriety in which I felt like the Nanna of all the young hoons in the pubs and became horribly conscious of my granny-dancing, but generally the IV drip feeding me Woo-woo kept me topped up enough not to care. It was a real eye opener being 'dahn tahn' as an older woman, watching the young 'uns with their zebra print clothing, baggy crotched tight jeans and their arses hanging out of some bizarre high waisted hotpants. It was all quite amusing and I wonder if people looked at me in a similar way when I was that age. Although I can promise you, my arse was quite firmly tucked away, then and now. Mostly.
I had to go cast a cloud over a brilliant night by drinking too much, and the hangover started before I'd even unwrapped my wet kebab. And no, that's not a euphemism. Sitting nomming on chips and meat of some description, I knew that I would be paying for it before too long. And I was right. After a restless few hours 6am rolled around, and off I went to talk to God on the big white telephone before spending the next 7 hours in my pit clutching my poorly head. Thank goodness for The Husband for keeping the loud beasts at bay until I had sufficiently recovered to cope with the squealing. Still, it just reaffirmed that I am WAY too old for this malarky. Roll on next time!!

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