Friday, 13 July 2012

Furry, feathered and fishy friends

It is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that I bring you some sad news this evening. Simon the fish, who was born in our tank, who outlived the rest of his Pets At Home brethren and survived the introduction of the carrier bag full of fish from our next door neighbour, has passed away. He was struggling to get off the bottom of the tank last night, and this morning was still on the bottom on his side. So out I went to fetch the net to get him out and said a prayer as I delivered him into his watery grave (the toilet). Only, as he unceremoniously hit the water he started feebly flapping about! He wasn't dead! He was still hanging on to the last strands of life in the bottom of the loo! I texted The Husband to tell him that I was the worst fish mummy in the whole world and he replied ":oO (shocked face) What did you do?" Well, what the dillydickens was I meant to do? I could hardly fish him out (for want of a better turn of phrase) and give him mouth to mouth so I had to flush the poor sod away (three times, because I was a bit scared he would somehow manage to find his way back up the pipes and surprise me while I was having a wee) and hope that his death was quick. There was Dosmestos down there at the time so I'm guessing so.

Simon wasn't the only animal that caused me grief today. I went to bed for a bit this afternoon, and was just dropping off when the sodding cockerel from round the corner started cocking, or whatever it is they do. I thought they only did that at about 5 in the morning but the noisy get was determined to ruin my afternoon siesta. Crowing! - not cocking. I'm sure cocking is something entirely different.

And Birdie rounded off the day nicely for me. We had two of The Daughters friends round for tea, and the kittens were being used as living Girls Worlds, modelling Bendaroo earrings and tail decorations. So to exact some revenge, Birdie waited until the kids were sat down to eat and went to drop her brown shopping in the litter tray. Remind me again why I like animals so much?

Update: This morning I checked the tank and saw....a baby fish!! A tiny fry was flitting about at the bottom, barely visible. It's like Simon has been reborn! Please keep your fingers crossed that little Binky escapes being eaten or sucked up into the filter..

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