Monday, 21 May 2012

The wonders of modern technology

I bought a slow cooker a few months ago, to join the myriad other gadgetry in the Bobs household, after some of my Facebook friends were swapping some 'lish sounding recipes. I love machines; their time-savingicity, their shinyness, the way they entice me to part with cash that could be better spent elsewhere.. To be fair, most of the gadgets we have are well used - the sandwich toaster is in need of a good sandblasting to remove the welded-on cheese from all those lunches it has kindly provided us with. Obviously the vaccum is used pretty much constantly day and night (four cats and two kids combined with my mildly OCD clean-freak tendencies means I like to follow everyone around hoovering up any crumbs or bits of fluff that may fall from them as they make their way around the house) and the microwave is heavily relied upon by The Husband when I go away. I have recently rediscovered the delights of my chrome blender to make tropical fruit ice cream smoothies for the Childbeasts in an attempt to stop them growing up with scurvy and rickets. I bought it a few years ago to blend our meals up for babyfood, but the noise so frightened The Daughter that it had to remain silent and unused on the worktop (it would have gone into a cupboard but they're full of sandwich toasters and George Formby grills).
One thing I have ALWAYS wanted, right since childhood, is a Mr Frosty - those overpriced plastic snowmen shaped things that turn crushed ice into slush drinks. I WILL own one of those badboys one day, assuming they still make them*makes mental note to look on Ebay*. Actually, there are two things I always wanted, the second being a donut maker. Imagine - mini donuts at your fingertips, literally! And a Dyson cordless vacuum, which is the coolest thing in the world. So three things I've always wanted.
There is one gadget we haven't got, which is actually the only thing we really need - a lawnmower. Ours went to the great meadow in the sky - the Rag and Bone man, that is - after a little accident. When I say accident, I mean that one of our elderly neighbours whose name is unknown to us (so we call her "Oo-Oooooh!" as that's what she shouts when she wants to get your attention) was entirely to blame. "Oo-Oooooh" shouted "Oo-Oooooh!" while I was mowing one day, distracting me from my gardening and before I knew it - HODUDUDUDUH - I'd mowed right over the bloody power cable. So since then we have been relying on the kindness and mowers of neighbours, and the hunger of the guinea pigs to keep the lawn in check. The Husband has promised that this payday will bring a new mower, so hurrah! Gadget shopping for me this weekend! That reminds me, I must get the slow-cooker out of the boot of my car...

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