Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Doing It Yourself

Despite my best attempts, the Boychild has not contracted the pox. I have foisted him on his sister as often as possible over the last few weeks, and taken him on every school run in the hope some of the germs floating around the playground will find their way up his nose, but no - it is not to be.He's obviously waiting for a more convenient time, like Christmas, or our family holiday. The Daughter has reached the 'the urge to pick at the massive scabs is just too great' stage, so I've stopped my "It'll scar!" mantra and just leave her to it. In fact I have to stop myself from reaching over and having a good pick at her head, so I'm in no position to say anything. It was the Boychild's 3rd birthday over the weekend and, as predicted, as soon as the sugar rush had subsided we had tears. From the over-excited kids, and nearly some from Mummy. He had yet another ride-on vehicle to add to the vast collection in the garage; there are now 6 between 2 of them, and they STILL argue about who goes on what! Now my baby is growing up and a proper little lad I'm trying to decide whether I feel broody or not. Sometimes my womb goes all lairy - like when I watch 'One Born Every Minute', but then other times my common sense gives me a stern talking to and I realise I'd rather pull out my toenails than do the sleepless nights thing again. The Daughter only just tolerates her brother as it is, so if we brought another into the equation she'd probably put herself up for adoption. Actually, that's not a bad idea...!
Having decorated The Daughter's room over the half term holiday, I'd been well and truly bitten by the bug and decided to spruce up the lounge. I managed to varnish the doors and paint the walls easily enough while the kids were elsewhere, and shut the cats outside while it was drying. I let them back in as I was moving the furniture back into position, not realising the moronic brindle one was behind the settee. She got stuck, and as I lifted her out by the scruff, she got covered in almost-dry paint and half of her is a lovely shade of Natural Taffeta.

After my decorating marathon had finished I popped down to Boots to buy the Tuesday magazines (girls will know what I mean - Tuesday is magazine day!) with my Advantage card points. While I was there I went for a mooch around to see what I could throw money-I-don't-have at and saw some tiny bottles of some Vichy skincare on the shelves. I asked the mahogany coloured shop assistant (I honestly took a sharp intake of breath when I saw her, her bedsheets must look like a month at Glastonbury) whether they were travel sized versions or samples, and after much fannying about, we arrived at the conclusion that they were free samples. "Help yourself" she said. And as the look of glee spread across my chops, I thanked the good Lord above that I had left the house with my Tardis handbag and did just that - to all 7 bottles! So tonight will mainly consist of me trying out my new free skincare regime and reading my free magazines. Anyone know how to get emulsion off a cat by the way?

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