Sunday, 8 September 2013

Welcome to the rest of your life!

Another milestone reached in the Bobs household! The Boychild had his first day at school last Thursday and there was a collective sigh of relief as it went without a hitch. That's a ridiculous understatement actually; he saw the cars and toy garage in the corner of the classroom and flew over without so much of a backward glance. The words "Charlie, can I have a cudd.....?" were left hanging in the air as I stood, bereft and still clutching his Spiderman lunchbag feeling like a bit of a sap. To be fair though, none of the teeny tiny new starters seemed particularly perturbed by their abandonment in this new environment. It was the following day that reality seemed to hit - they had to go AGAIN?! There were a few tiny people sobbing and clutching onto their parents legs, having realised that this school lark wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Not my lad though, oh no. Not while there was a car to sczhum in that classroom!

Photo's were of course taken to mark the momentous day of our last (probably) baby starting school, and how smart did he look! Such a grown up boy with his spiked up hair and clean uniform. true to form though, his groomed appearance lasted about 12 minutes before his shirt was untucked, his shoes were scratched, and he'd got grass-stains on his face. I wouldn't expect anything less though - I've always been one of those people who, even when freshly showered and glammed up, I still look a bit of a scruff. So of course, it follows that my two will always look like Victorian street urchins.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of his first full week, so we'll see if his enthusiasm wanes at all. All I'm bothered about is that a) he manages to keep his trousers on, b) he doesn't show everyone his peen and c) he doesn't get expelled. Rules which I expect will follow him through the next 11 years of school life and beyond! Even from his initial two days, it seemed like he'd grown up that bit more and now I have another child to worry about developing attitude, and hanging about with the wrong crowd. There is a boy in The Daughters class who apparently said to her last week "I love poo I do, I'm going to eat some of my poo in a minute" (clearly the sort of boy that every parent hopes their child will flourish into) and I made a mental note to make sure my na├»ve little darling doesn't befriend any drug dealers, vandals or poo-eaters. So here it begins; the next stage in all of our lives. So long as my little angels are happy and thriving I will try and forget that nagging empty nest feeling. maybe it's time to start trying for little baby Cheesecake...?

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