Sunday, 21 October 2012

Living with kids..

Living with kids isn't easy,
in fact it's sometimes a grind.
The rowing, the fighting, the helluva mess
is enough to drive you out of your mind.

They make noise from the time they wake up
'til the second they get into bed.
Many's a pill that Mummy doth pop
to numb her poor aching head!

'"Choose your battles" they say,
"It's the easiest way" - that's simpler said than done.
When your kids have been bickering for five hours straight
Well, I'd choose a smack to the bum!

Toys broken, books ripped, the house looks like a tip.
Yet still Mummy battles through,
trying in earnest to tidy and clean,
interrupted by cries of "Need to poo!".

Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad news;
Sometimes they're good as gold.
They give moments of tenderness, love and pure joy
which are a true sight to behold.

Granted, it's mainly when given a treat,
some sweets, a comic or cake.
Spoiled rotten by grandparents every weekend,
they're given new toys to break.

There's rarely a moment of quiet and peace
unless they're fast off in their pits.
And that's mummy time, to rest and recoup
and forget that they've been little gits.

So as one day ends, and the house is in peace,
I've finished my ranting rhyme.
I've plenty to say on 'Living with cats',
but well - that's for another time!

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